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The Dodge / Plymouth Colt Vista also known as the Eagle Vista Wagon in Canada and the Mitsubishi Chariot, Nimbus and Space Wagon for international markets is a rare station wagon / van that was produced during the 80s and early 90s.

Although related to the Dodge / Plymouth Colt and Plymouth Champ in name, the Dodge Colt Vista is actually simply a rebadged Mitsubishi Chariot similar to the fact that the Dodge Colt was a rebranded Mitsubishi Gallant. These were captive imports of Mitsubishi Motors cars licensed by Chrysler for the North American automotive market.

The Colt Vista is a unique and rare vehicle that is a cross between a station wagon and van iconic of 70s and 80s automotive design. It is very difficult to find a late model Vista as only a handful are listed for sale at any given time. Besides the unique body style what also set the Colt Vista apart from the Dodge/Plymouth Colt station wagons was the larger more powerful 2.0 liter engine.


Dodge Colt Vista Nameplate

Vista Nameplate History

Although introduced during the beginning of the fifth generation for the Dodge Colt the Vista was actually a late introduction to the first generation Mitsubishi Chariot which was brought to market in 1983. In the United States the Vista was sold as the Dodge Colt Vista from model year 1984 to 1991 while it continued as the Plymouth Colt Vista for 1993 and 1994. In Canada it was sold as the Eagle Vista Wagon from 1989 to 1991 while in Australia it was known as the Mitsubishi Nimbus.

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Dodge Colt Vista


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